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P Model - Preset Torque Wrenches

P Model - Preset Torque Wrenches

● Easy to adjust to desired torque (in the tool room, appropriates torque tester is required).

● Operator cannot change set torque by accident or by mistake.

● +/-4% Accuracy in clockwise direction from 20% to 100% Max.Torque.

● Various kinds of heads designed for different applications:

- PC model & PC_S model (Mini size): Reversible ratchet head for clockwise and counter-clockwise operation and can be operated with 8 degrees swing in small spaces.

- PCH model: Head holder for standard 9x12, 14x18, 24x32, 27x36mm square shank heads.

- PCH_S model (Mini size): Head holder for standard 9x12mm square shank heads.

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