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EE Model - Electronic Torque Wrenches

EE Model - Electronic Torque Wrenches

● Press any key to wake up.

● End user can set torque value easily.

● All popular torque Units can be selected by user: N.m,, Lb.ft.

● +/-2% Accuracy from 20% to 100% Max.Torque.

● When applied torque is near target torque, yellow LED lights up. At the target torque the red LED lights up and the buzzer sounds.

● Backlight makes it easy to operate in dark conditions, can be turned ON or OFF.

● Automatically shuts off after 2 minutes of nonuse.

● Battery capacity indicator. Use 4 standard AA batteries.

● Various kinds of heads designed for different applications:

- EEM/EEM_SC model: Fine-tooth ratchets suitable for operation in confined spaces requiring only 8 degrees swing.

- EEMH model: Head holder model for standard 9x12mm, 14x18mm rectangular shank heads.

- EEMR model: Round head holders for Ф16mm heads.

● EEM / EEMH / EEMR model: Keep the highest value and random mode.

● EEM_SC model: Random mode, set relative factor while fitting with non-standard heads. (See formula below)

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